Shark Tank Audition

Read on to find out how my Shark Tank audition went and how I was sitting there documenting my thoughts so that I can share them with you.

This was the most beautiful face at the audition, so beautiful that I had to remove my face:

Winner of the ‘Most Beautiful Face at Shark Tank Audition, Miami, 3/3/2016’ (Awarded by One More Dime)

I had my Shark Tank audition on 3/3/2016 but I will still write the post as if this was today.

Here is how the day went:

I planned to leave at 6.30am – I was in my car at 6.35am.

I was not thinking about you (my blog reader) at that time. I was only thinking about me and where am I going.

When I stopped to pick up my ‘application printout’ at Fedex, I thought about you and started to take pictures so that you can see what I went through and hopefully get a tip or two.

I actually asked the lady inside (who handed me over the printouts) if I can take per picture, she politely declined and I gracefully accepted. I had spoken to her earlier in the day (at 5.30am and told her that I will pick up the printouts shortly after 7am).

I actually picked up the documents at 7.44am – I knew it will be shortly after 7 but I told her 7 over the phone and a subsequent email because I wanted it to be ready before I reach there. Today is my day, nothing is going to stop me.

The print was ready in a neat envelope when I reached. She told me $$$ value and I gave her my card, then she asked if I wanted to staple then and I said – yes please.

I stapled my business card on the top of the application PART-1. (I made 2 files because I did not want to spend money on color since PART-2 did not have color – see image above).

There was a minor hick up at the Fedex store – the staplers won’t work, the young lady (black, early 20s) and I tried 3 staplers (2 sizes) and used 7 pins to staple 2 set of pages. I would have been very upset under normal circumstances, but today nothing was going to deter me.

I took the Fedex store pic, started to think about you (how you can benefit from my experience) – I am going there any ways, I will do exactly what I will do – but I knew if I document this experience, it will perhaps benefit you in some way. A rising tide raises all ships – and this is my rising tide.

It is 7.52am, ETA 8.27am, wrist bands will be distributed at 9am, I am ahead of schedule even though I started 5 min late, I made up 🙂

Truth be told – the GPS for the first time ever wouldn’t ‘speak up’ – almost always it speaks more than I want it to but today no sound, I do not know why BUT today is my day, I don’t care if there is no sound.

I had use of iphone sound in my pitch but now the sound is not working. I was worried for 0.1 second but then I am already thinking alternatives – I am thinking there are definitely going to be other participants there, someone might be kind enough to lend me their smartphone for a few minutes (I had to place a video – that I had uploaded to Youtube the night before – I was prepared for any eventuality like my iphone not working).

I am looking out the window and enjoying the view of Miami, it’s a beautiful city.

Navigating Miami without GPS voice is not the easiest task – I got lost here and there and now my new ETA is 8.55am, still before 9am. I wanted to get there before 9am and if possible wanted to get the wrist band number 10 (One More Dime) or 50 (5 dimes) or 100 (10 dimes).

I am also thinking if I reach late and get a wristband number like 443 (that I actually received), will I be able to find the person with the wristband 10 and exchange my band with him. Will he co-operate? Perhaps I can offer him some financial incentive?

In either case, all kinds of thoughts are passing my mind.

There were too many lights like these:

And this is what it meant to me:

This is me driving – shirt is not tucked in, I have noticed that the ironing does not stay the best around the waist if I have the shirt tucked in for a while – perhaps because of my large size. So I do not tuck in till the time I can afford not to. And no tie yet…. read on (more fun is about to come).

Finally I reached, it was shortly after 9am. There was valet right outside the venue, they asked $20, I asked if they take card, they said no, I handed over $20.

Me: Where will the car be?
Valet: pointed to a large parking lot at about 250 yards distance.
Me: What if I need something from the car after 30 min
Valet – you come and see us, we will get the car here

At this point I realized it is best that I take all my stuff with me right now rather than hurry to get the wrist band. So I collect all my stuff:

The print out envelope that was lying in the front seat, my jacket and tie that were hanging, my laptop bag that was shoved between the driver seat and the back seats, my glasses that were there in the jacket pocket (I need them only when I read), the water bottle that you an see in the image above (where I showed you the shirt), and chewing gum (I fear bad breath) and some paper napkins (how will I dispose the gum if my name is called suddenly).

I wore my jacket – the tie was already ‘knotted’ the night before – I just put my head inside it but it is still not tight (there was like 3 inches gap between my neck and the tie): it was humid and I did not want to sweat.

I rush with phone in one hand (so that I can share my experience with you) and water bottle in another (the laptop bag never felt so heavy in my lifetime). I ask the first person I saw with a band (she was on a wheel chair) where she got her band from.

She: Are u here for the small business conference or Shark Tank audition?
I: Shark Tank please
She: Go that (pointing) side till end of the line
I: I am walking fast, nut running but a little breathless

Finally I read end of the line and a young lady handed me over a paper, it had C06 written on it – I thought my number is 306. They might have had A 1 – A 100, B 1 – B 100, and now C06 – 306. And then I am thinking wow – 306 people came before 9.16am when the window to get the band was 9 – 11am. I wish more people who work for me (at my office) showed that kind of passion.

I still got my wrist band at 9.16 so all the above mambo jambo happened in 10 min between say 9.06 and 9.16 (Hey it was my day, it is not a coincidence that this came to the round number 10 – it is my day today, I am going to make it, right here, right now).

Talking about passion, this is what I am looking at right now:

The man was there before me but I think I have a better chance than him – because I am better prepared. He is filling his application now.

And then I think about you my beloved reader, I thought you might be curious to know what the line looks like:

After a while, a pretty woman (30ish / blonde) came asking ‘One band per audition, one person from each audition team, raise their hand’. I raised mine, she tied a band to my hand. (You will see the band later).

Then the line started to move, and the heart started to beat faster again – I do not know whether it was because I am a big guy and small physical activity can lead to breathlessness OR it was the excitement OR perhaps I was nervous? I do not know, I did not care – you know why? Because it was my time today!

After walking for may be 1-2 minutes, there was a cool dude with a mike who announced, come back at 12. I did not understand, he said it 1-2 times more ‘Come back at 12’, ‘Come back here at 12’ – it was then that I (and others) around me understood that the ‘current’ batch is full, come back later.

He asked if anyone had any questions, I asked ‘During the audition, how many casting team members will I meet’? There was another guy standing next to him who jumped in immediately and said “Me, you will just meet me” but he said it with a steak of arrogance – or may be he was just too direct, but I felt bad BUT I had no time to react, he was direct, I felt bad, and I moved on. Why – because this is not my day to lose focus. I am here to get a deal, not to get into cultural nuances.

I asked the guy with the mike – where can I hang out till 12pm? He responded – I do not know, I am not familiar with this building. I said, thank you and walked away aimlessly.

There were a couple of ‘guards’ at the entrance to the building, I thought they will stop me but we just exchanged greetings and I went inside the building.

And there was a selfie stage. This was a Spanish couple I saw there (we will meet them later again today, in fact we will meet many of these people again today, keep reading or save as a favorite to finish later):

I continue to look around – and there was this Latin woman who was distributing free bags – you know the re-usable ones that are available for $1 at Walmart with Walmart written on them. It had some “Small business Expo” written on them.

She offered me the bag and I immediately jumped on to it – because by this time, I had a few business fliers in my hand, in addition to the cell phone, and the water bottle. But then I stopped … this is time to pause and do a strategic re-aligned, I am going so fast that I will be out of gas before I reach the destination, I need to re-fuel. I blink my eyes:

And drink the entire water bottle, throw away all the business fliers in garbage and the bottle in recycle, return the bag to the lady, she smiled.

I felt a little relieved (the laptop bag is still appearing heavy, I thought it will feel lighter now that stress is out of my body system but I did not realize that the laptop bag was heavy for a reason … read on)

Anyways I continued my journey – I wanted to find a place to sit, I slept perhaps 4-5 hours last night, something like 11pm – 4am, I do not remember correctly, I remember I was awake at 10.40 or 11.40pm and then I was awake again at 4 – 5am, between that I am a little hazy about what exactly happened – I was working on my application till late in the night, I told my girlfriend who was watching TV at one point in time ‘Good night’ and then slept, and then got up after a few hours to start working at the application again.

Inside the venue, I am here: the guy in the center did not let me go through but he was more than helpful when I told him I am hungry – I hadn’t eaten anything since morning.

He gave me precise directions on where to do… it was in the North – West direction from where he is standing right now. He pointed in that direction (roughly 11 o’ clock direction).

He: Do you see the stairs?
Me: Yes
He: Do not take the stairs but make a left and continue, you seem to be a smart guy, you will find it
Me: I needed that confidence boost today, thank you sir

We shook hands, I could feel he was a muscular man but it was a firm yet polite handshake, reminded me of a corporate training I underwent 10 – 15 years ago. Also I am thinking do women get attracted to such men – oh well, am I here to worry about women or am I here to make a deal?

I do not know what the time was at this point but I knew I had some time to kill.

When I made that left turn near the staircase, I saw a not very rich appearing man in uniform pushing a ‘table’ that had coffee containers, I asked him if I could take some. He did not speak English but his other friend coming behind him responded that the coffee is over but I can get some if I continue to go around and reach an area similar to ‘backstage’ but actually when I reached there, I realized I was not backstage. I was at 9 o’ clock position of the muscular guy:

Before this backstage area (and after the coffee guy), there was an area where a lot of chairs were lying there as if a large lecture is about to happen – I keep my laptop bag there and sit for a minute. I notice that I have a flier in my hand, I do not know who gave it to me and when? Sorry. I keep it in my laptop bag.

Then I continue to backstage area, the two guys standing at the entrance did not ask who I was and I did not bother them, they tried to give me a flier – exactly the one I had in my bag, I told them that I have the exact same flier in my bag.

Oh, now I remember where the flier came from – in the backstage area, there was breakfast table and I was looking for coffee and I picked up the flier from there (no coffee still).

At this point, an old man in uniform came and asked me ‘The presentation seems to be over?’, I told him I do not know. (In retrospect, I should have correlated that if the breakfast was over and there was no one except me sitting on 1 of the 80 odd chairs, then the presentation is over BUT I wasn’t smart enough or may be my mind was somewhere else – no prizes for guessing where?).

I pass through the ‘two guys’ entrance and find myself in the small business conference:

I am looking at the above and thinking in my mind – holy cow, I do not have business cards, my website / business/ One More Dime is only 3 months old, I did not print business cards because I wasn’t planning to be here, now what?

Today there are no problems – there are only solutions. No ‘One More Dime’ cards, no problem – I still have my ‘day job’ business cards – they have my contact information, though not ideal but I am going to make the best of what I have.

{{Digressing for a min – yesterday 3/4 I swam in my own house’s swimming pool for the first time in 18 months. Do you know why I did not swim for so long? Because my pool looks something like this:

And under ideal conditions, I would have wanted something like this:

But yesterday, I connected the business card situation to my pool – if I do not have a lap pool, so what? Let me use the second best alternate}}

Then I am thinking – the muscular guy did not let me in this area but the ‘two guys’ did. Is this a lack of controls situations (Controls mitigate risk).

Then I am curious how the stock market is doing at this point:

Did you notice it is only 9.41am? I was super functional – hyper active – I was zooming. Wrist band at 9.16 and so much happened between 9.16 and 9.41 in 25 min – two and a half dimes, I am still going to make it, today is my day.

A random stall at the small business expo:

It was precisely at this point that it dawned on me – this can be a meaningful opportunity to talk to people and see if they have anything to offer in helping me help America achieve financial independence. And boom – I realized I am still going around with the shirt not – tucked in and with the top shirt button open and the tie lose. Oh my goodness, I need to change this AND if I need to change something, I either do it right now OR accept that I cannot do it.

There were restrooms closer but I chose the ones that were the farthest. I needed a little me time to shout “This is my time and I am going to do it today, I prepared for this event my entire life”.

There were only small mirrors in the restroom – a little unusual and inconvenient for my dressing needs but I had two options: either to go through the inconvenience or make it work.

To add to the problems, there was no place to keep my jacket – the laptop bag I kept somewhere but I did not want my jacket to get dirty. I once again had a choice to make: to succeed or to fail. And I made my choice:

Jacket on one shoulder and trying to tighten the tie knot. Oh hell, the knot looks so dirty. Do I have time to get it fixed? No, then what is the decision I am trying to make here… move on.

I forgot the pair of glasses that were lying in the inner pocket of the jacket.

Oh no – how will I read my own application again before the audition? What if the casting crew asks me something that is not clear to them – well I do not know what will I do but I know that it is not my time to quit.

Fortunately the glasses did not even have a scratch – was that a signal that it is my time to win? (I am wearing the same glasses right at this minute).

I tighten my tie, wash my face (forgot handkerchief at home). So what are my options? Either move forward or quit, right? No, by now there was only one option in my mind – move to the next best possible solution. I used paper towels.

I noticed that the glasses were dirty – I used my tie (the backside) to clean it – because I forgot the cleaning tissues also at home.

In the morning, I did not have time to find my shoe polish, so you know what I did? I used tooth paste in stead – Yeah, I had heard somewhere that a little tooth paste ‘somewhat’ works like a shoe polish. I tried it on an extra pair of shoes before attempting it on my leather shoes for the day – it worked (not like the shoe polish) but better than nothing.

Today is just not my day to crib/ complaint. I am in a hurry, I have to be somewhere, and I will continue doing what I can as quickly I can do move forward. I even tweeted Mark Cuban that I started my journey to meet you (we will come to that later, continue to read).

Ok, so I am in the rest room – after fixing my shirt, tie, jacket, and glasses – and I am about to practice my “shouting” and this guy walks in – oh, I do not want to do that while someone is here, so what should I do? Either wait for him to get out OR come back later. (Like mentioned above, quitting is not an option).

I decide to wait – and what best can I do with my time? Relax. How? Take a deep breath in and leave a deep breath out.

Once someone asked me: What do you do for living?
I said: I breath
He asked: Excuse me, I asked what do you do for a living?
I said: No darling, you asked me what do I do for living !
She laughed and another feather in my cap for making a pretty woman laugh. My girlfriend doesn’t like it but I just cannot stop – it comes naturally to me.

Oh so I am breathing in and out while this guy inside the locker is making strange noises – on my gosh, that was gross but I had 2 options 🙂

I decided to stay. After a few seconds, someone outside – a female voice – shouted angrily at the man inside. It sounded like it was a couple having a fight and the woman was threatening to come in. I was not in a mood to see drama today, I was there to do drama myself. I left the restrooms immediately, I will shout internally. I do not need to witness man – woman fighting drama today.

I still am wandering around in the small business expo area – this woman’s stall was talking about something tech so I stopped by to see if they can help with my blog SEO.

In retrospect, it was a waste of time (but I had only one way to find out – to have that conversation). For what it’s worth, here is the conversation:

She: Hi, how are you?
Me: Great, What does your business do?
She: We are a prospecting system provider
Me: Oh nice, you offer a CRM solution?
She: Many people use CRM for prospecting, our system is specially dedicated to prospecting
Me: Nice. I am not that point in my hobby/ business but I can use some help with SEO
She: Sure, we have a lot of information
Me: Are you talking about marketing lists?
She: Yes, by age, gender, demographics etc
Me: Will you be able to guarantee conversion rate?
She: We have a lot of information
Me: By this time, I would have cut my losses (stopped to waste time) but I stayed on to have the same discussion with her manager (reported to the business owner), he asked me to leave my card behind, I said I do not have any but I will go on their website.

I continue to walk and reach here:

We will call it cafeteria view of people waiting for Shark Tank audition. Notice the Reg box on the far right – that is the Prospecting System that I do not intent to use.

If you are wondering what ‘Top view’ of this place looks like (Yeah man, I used to be an engineer):

I know the map does not look real beautiful but if I would have been a good engineer, would I have ventured into finance, lol…….?

Now that I found cafeteria, I need food. I pick up hot dog and chips for $5 and I tweeted to Mark Cuban ‘I am on my way’

So 443 was my number, if you are wondering why did they give me the C06 in the first place – I think that was just to keep the participants organized (to let people think that they have a ‘number’ ) – tying the wristband takes 2 seconds while handing over a white slip with random number takes 1 second. They can cover 2x times the people within the same time frame. Ultimately only the wristband matters (I did not say 443, I said wrist band. Do you know why? To know, you have to read further, you are on my hook)

So I sat down at one of the 12 round tables lying there. After sometime the cute girl from the selfie stage and her parents also came and sat with me.

At 10.41am (enlarge and look at the laptop time), the hot dog and wafers are gone, the glasses are still intact, and there is a money book lying in the background.

It is this money book that was making the laptop bag heavy. If you see the laptop screen above again carefully, I have started to document my thoughts in Excel. Here is a copy paste of the Excel that I maintained for the next hour or so (please excuse typos and incomplete sentences, it is actually a real – time documentation of everything that was going on in my mind:

Shark Tank Auction dime

Shark Tank Auction One More Dime

Human mind is so pleasantly strange, it can think faster than I can type but the above gives a very good idea about what all was going on in mind.

By this time, my iphone battery was also about to die. I have an old iphone 5s I think and the battery does not last very long – I need to replace it soon but today was not the time to let this opportunity go. I already created a plan in my mind, something like this:

  1. Ask the cute girl sitting with me on the table if she has a charger – she/ her family might
  2. If not, then ask people on nearby table(s)
  3. If not, then I will just go and sing instead of playing the music on iphone – this is the most bad that can happen, I can afford that!

Option 2 worked – there was a group of three people sitting on my left – 2 chatty women (not being stereotypical, just stating facts) and a guy intently watching them talk. I asked them and the lady in Pink said ‘I have one but I am leaving soon’. I asked ‘Are you here for at least 10 minutes’?

She said yes and gave me her charger. I went to the pizza shop behind me and asked the cashier lady to help me. She readily agreed.

By now, my feet are starting to feel better and I also see new groups of people coming in to the Shark Tank Audition area. Roughly, this arrow is the route people (groups) were taking.

At this point, I noticed a professional photographer who was taking photographs. I walked up to him and asked him if he could take a picture of mine, he gladly agreed. Today the world is out there to help me, what choice do I have but succeed? Below is what he clicked for me:

Now I am curious about what is happening at the auditions, I certainly do not want to miss my chance. I go to the audition area and talk to 1-2 people who were sitting on those chairs.

The photographer and I both started to joke with a beautiful blonde – meet her:

Now I am wondering when will my turn come. So I go and talk to a couple of people sitting there – No, I did not talk to the blonde because I always either talk to a woman or joke. If I do both, then I think it sounds like I am hitting on them.

So I spoke to a couple of other people and figured out that the band color also had a meaning. So my band color was Grey. So Blue were before us and Red were after us. And within the Grey band color, our numbers will be called. I think each color had 50 candidates.

By the way, by now my ‘show up’ time had changed to 12.30 from the initial 12.

I realize I have a lot more time to kill, so I start chatting with familiar faces. This couple was standing there:

Me to guy: Remember me?
Guy: No
Me: We met at the ‘guards’ gate at about 9.20am when you were looking for a place to get wrist bands (Yes, I had actually guided him) and then ‘she’ (pointing towards the woman) was running behind you about 10 yards behind
Guy: Yeah, now I remember
Me: So what is your pitch?
Guy: I have a beauty product
Me: Oh, she does not object to your addressing her as a product?
Guy did not get my joke but the gal started to dance
I asked if I can take a pic, she was ready but the way guy looked at me, I was unsure about my safety so no pic ‘beauty’.
To lighten up the mood, I told the guy ‘I was just kidding, I am very nervous inside, and trying to joke around to feel better.
The guy said “Oh, do not worry, this is easy stuff”
I asked – how do you know?
He said – We came last year and the year before!
I am thinking – Dude, you remind me of my smoking days when I used to say “Quitting smoking is very easy, I have done it 10 times in the last one year”.

I am shuttling back and forth between my Shark Tank Audition Office and the audition area. Here is what my office started to look like:

Yeah, I carried a mouse and a mouse pad and I removed the jacket because I sweat! Notice the other chairs have gone away. Spanish family left and then one by one people asked me if they can take the chairs to other tables.

This is the view to my right

Do you see ComplyRight stall? I did not speak with them but noticed a banner that says they will send you all the Federal and State Regulation changes every month for $19.95 a month.

Now I am talking to another entrepreneur, he had a pet chain product. I adored the dog multiple times. The owner was always professional but never really encouraged a conversation.

I am guessing they are in line to show case a swim ware product

See the Green rectangle I have drawn in the below pic:

The lady in white is the ‘casting crew’, the one on the right is an entrepreneur, and you will see a boxing champ between them (solid abs – I saw later), he was hitting this Red punching ‘bag’ so heavily that I thought the earth is moving (I exaggerate).

The numbers on the Red bag made me think this must be some training program to improve boxing performance – the trainer will say do the 3341 drill and the pupil will do 3341 3341 3341 rest and repeat kind of stuff.

Can you guess what is happening here?

Yeah you got it right, the woman is talking and the man is recording her pitch on his smartphone so that they can review it together. And in contrast I did not ‘time’ / record my pitch even once. But by now, I had gathered enough market intelligence to know that I am 99% likely to get to the second round.

I will never be able to win against these little entrepreneurs, perhaps I might withdraw voluntarily in their support

They were with their school teachers, they had created some product in their school project and were here to ask for financial help to commercialize the product, here are the students along with the teachers:

I met yet another interesting entrepreneur. This is him posing for me:

(I know I spoke about the muscular guy earlier and now about this guy’s muscles BUT for sure I am not gay. I just appreciate when people do something out of passion – be it maintaining their weight, building muscles, or traveling, or singing, or making money, or cooking food, or anything).

This gentleman had another doctor with him (they were pitching as a team). The doctor did not seem to like me very much but I did not let that bother me. I am here to have fun so I will ignore everyone who does not want to have fun with me.

Just to be fair, may be the doctor was just busy focusing on his own agenda for the day – which did not include socializing with me, and that is a perfectly legitimate agenda to have, I am not Barack Obama or Britney Spears that everyone would want to come and take a selfie with me. (By the way, I use Britney Spears in my pitch).

Ok – this was the highlight of the day: it was very common for us entrepreneurs there to ask ‘Hey, what is your pitch?’ – this would result in either of the following answers:

  1. I am not here to pitch (my husband is pitching for example)
  2. Just another product (the do not want to talk, buzz off please Bobby)
  3. I own, I made a million dollars in the last 4 years by maximizing earnings, minimizing expenses, optimizing taxes, and making disciplined financial investments

Highlight: She gave me 4 dimes. She was carrying dozens of dimes in her pocket because she considers those dimes lucky. I was hesitant to take because it was her luck, she said her audition is done and by the next round of audition she would have found more dimes.

When you are beautiful, everyone around you is beautiful. It is like the following anecdote that I commented on Mark Cuban’s Facebook page today:

My comment on Mark Cuban’s Facebook page

So people are the same – I have lived in 7 countries and numerous cities, all of them had good people and bad people, positive people and negative people, useful people and useless people, heavy and light, smart and dumb, tall and short, etc etc; it was always up to me to pick up the ones I need.

The times I was in a positive mood (upwardly trending), I picked up positive friends. Moral of the story – be positive  even if your blood group is not B+.

Oh and yes – I changed my pitch once she gave me those 4 dimes. Earlier I was going to do drama with 1 dime, now I will do drama with 5 dimes.

She was giving them to me for free but I did not take them from her for free. I wanted to return something of value. I told her if she would go to and leave a comment, I will give her the first copy of my first e-book (even if I have to write one specifically for her – 10 pages on any personal / business finance topic of her choice). My first customer!

Almost my turn to pitch – the format was – The ‘next entrepreneur’ will stand in queue in front of the other entrepreneurs who are sitting on the chairs you see in the pictures. There were 4 audition rooms so 4 entrepreneurs were standing.

Where I was standing, I was able to chit chat with the people sitting behind me. I noticed a beautiful person. She had a book in her lap. I asked her is it your book? She said – yes, I read the name on the book and again asked her “You are Maria”? She said yes. I was like “Very impressive. I am glad having met you, I might have used that book.”

My turn came to pitch!

I went in and dazzled the casting crew rep (I think). My pitch lasted about 30 seconds and she said “I do not have anything to ask, you have covered everything”. I continued for 5-7 seconds more, then remembered what the casting crew lead told us and stopped!

I will insert the casting crew lead Video sometime soon (it is on my iphone) but basically he was saying ‘Do not drag on and on’.

While I was dashing out of the audition room, I was tempted to stay back and see if she (casting crew) was still reading my application or did she throw it in the dustbin? I did not stay back – because it did not matter at the point. I went in prepared and I gave it my best – that is all that matters.

Soon I meet Maria and she handed over the book, her book to me gift wrapped. It was such a touching moment. I was done with the audition, I was right there with Maria, the audition did not matter, nor did my desire to buy Pizza (from the cafeteria). I was there with Maria – didn’t know whether to smile or cry. I do not remember what I did.

The point I am trying to make is not about pregnancy – the point is about ‘being in the moment’. Now I am with Maria – I am neither in the audition room (1 min back) nor in the cafeteria (after 1 min). I was there with a beautiful person who was giving me something of value, nothing else mattered.

Success is a journey. Winning a lottery will make me happy for a week BUT creating a successful business while helping Americans achieve financial independence will keep me happy several years (perhaps a lifetime).

I look at my phone – it was 2.33pm.

I was hungry, picked up a pizza from the cafeteria ($9, pepperoni) and by 2.45pm, I was waiting for the valet with the GPS in my hand showing the following:

It had only a starting point and not a destination. Destination didn’t matter, I had learned to enjoy the journey.

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  1. Hello! Begin to read your blog. Great work, thank you. What do you think about education? Is it necessary? I got a bachelor degree in Regional Economics and now study Msc Management of business development. I already have my own small business, but… If you will have your company, would you look first on diploma, or will look on pearson and his abilities? Have a good day!

    • Hello Ivan,

      Good to e-meet you.

      If I have a company and I get 100 resumes and I have time to interview only 10, most of them are likely to be diploma holders.

      I say ‘most’ because may be some others will catch my attention too.

      It is like this – when a customer is buying a drill, he is buying a hole. Similarly, when I am hiring someone, say a sales guy, I am hiring talent that will boost my sales. I do not care whether it’s a guy or a lady OR whether they were born in January or February OR whether they have a diploma or not.

      But if I have no other information, then my guess is that a diploma holder might sell my product better.

      It also depends on the product – you can argue ‘What if my product is selling hair oil, it does not involve higher education, everyone uses oil’. Well – now I am leaning towards hiring a female sales manager with long hair – she will be a walking talking example of what happens when you use the product!

  2. Hi man

    I am very happy that you’re financially independent, and I’ve learned a lot from your blog. I think that the 4 pillars to get rich are really a pillar

    I wonder if you could have a look at my site and maybe share it on yours. Maybe we could do this in a permanent way, as I plan to list the blogs I use as a source of inspiration 😉

    All the best

    • Hey – I am happy that you learned a lot from my blog.

      I visited yours and see that you have made a good start. Right now I do not have a ‘list of favorite blogs’ on my blog but please feel free to engage in questions and answers on my post, and the readers will automatically be encouraged to check your blog if they find your viewpoints helpful.

      I will also try to visit your site more often and engage in conversations with you there.

  3. How crazy is it that I just finished watching the SiliDog guy on Shark Tank. I recognized him in your pics.
    Just subscribed to your blog. Looking forward to more information and stories. I have few dimes myself, but every one counts!

    • WOW…. what a co-incidence !!!!

      Unbelievable…. thank you for sharing. I have always wondered who all (if any) made it to further rounds of Shark Tank from that day 🙂

      And a big YES – every dime counts. Moreover all of us have the power to influence what shape our future takes by choosing the decisions we make today.

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